Hi there! I'm Cynthia

I am an Integrative Holistic Life Coach, an Entrepreneur, Digital Creator, Yoga Teacher and Mother. 

I have been in the field of personal development for 25 years. I was a professional classical dancer for 20 years and I have been helping people achieve their dreams as a coach and leader for 5 years. 

Life Elevated, Within

Heal the Roots and Everything Starts to Grow Perfectly

My Story

My roots were full of trauma and confusing drama. My story is one of true triumph and miraculous outcomes.

I was abused emotionally, sexually, mentally and physically as a child. I was doomed to be a prostitute, dead or homeless. (TRUE STORY).

I came into personal development at the young age of 15 because my family was in crisis. Yoga was a tool in my early 20's that helped me through a very serious trauma and difficult time in my life.

I danced professionally for 20 years before I had my daughter.

I now help people get what they want by coaching, teaching and sharing REAL training that helps my people get it.

I also run several successful online businesses.

I have spent tens of thousands of hours on healing, growth and personal development and continue to do so.


I coach my clients to a place of clarity through the use of Holistic Tools and Integrative Exercises. I have spent over 3000 hours becoming a professional coach.

What sets me apart is the fact that I have done my own work in my life and continue to do so. You can count on the fact that I will never assume I know more about your life than you do.

I am committed to my Clients success.

One on One Coaching

Hire me as your personal coach.

We all need someone in our corner. I customize each client's sessions for what it is they are wanting and needing.

  • Define clear Vision, Dreams and Goals

  • Heal your blocks

  • Develop skills and tools

  • Become your greatest Self

Group Facilitation

Take your team to the next level.

Develop effective communication and with clarity. Grow in your abilities to thrive and lead in teams.

  • Define clear Vision, Dreams and Goals

  • Heal your blocks

  • Develop skills and tools

  • Become your greatest Self

Wealth Building

Being a Mom is one of the best things that ever happened to me. Building wealth has become increasingly important to me as I am not only a mom,
but a single mom, and I am only getting older.

I believe when Mom's are empowered to create their own wealth, a lot of the things that hold us back disappear. We are able to live a life we love, with freedom, love and connection.

I have discovered several methods for building wealth on-line that I not only feel good about, but that work. We have such a huge opportunity to build wealth online. There are so many avenues and methods for creating multiple income streams.

You can grow wealthy

Now is the time to begin growing wealth.

Become a Wealthy Mom

Our group is FREE and nurtures growth and development towards wealth building on-line for those moms willing to put int he work.

What people say about Cynthia Blanco...

Dr. Lindsay Regeher

"Cynthia is kind, creative, caring and understands what it takes to help you win and achieve the goals and dreams you are working towards. Working with Cynthia has helped me identify blind spots that were holding me back from using my voice, taking big leaps, and helped me be honest with myself about what I really want out of life. She has a fun and kind way of questioning to help you reach a deeper understanding of yourself and break out of the stories that are holding you back. I love working with Cynthia and I highly recommend her."

Damaris Ruiz

"Cynthia came recommended to me by a friend after I shared my frustrations with the pace of weekly talk therapy. I'm so thankful for my time with Cynthia and her patience in identifying the root problems or

misunderstandings I was operating from. Cynthia strikes a rare balance between encouraging me to keep firm commitments to myself and yet approached several sensitive topics with care. She helped me see my own patterns from a different perspective and provided me with several useful tools and resources to continue progressing outside of my sessions with her. I plan on working with her again in the future."

Life Elevated, Within

Heal the Roots and Everything Starts to Grow Perfectly

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